Pengertian Simple present tense dalam bahasa inggris + Contoh verbal dan Nominal

21 Mar

1.1 Simple Present Tense

It is a form of the verb most commonly used in the English language, which is used to reveal the factual events and habitual, general or not general, instructs, or plan of schedule.

 Verbal Sentence:

(+) S + V I + (S/ES)

(-) S + DO/DOES + NOT + V I

(?) DO/DOES + S + V I


1.   (+) Father reads a news paper

(- ) Father doesn’t read a news paper

(?) Does father read a news paper?

Yes, he does/ No he doesn’t

2.  (+) Mother cooks rice

(- ) Mother doesn’t cook rice

(?) Does mother cook rice?

Yes, she doesn’t/No she doesn’t

3.  (+) I and my mother make a cake

(- ) I and my mother do not make a cake

(?) Do I and my mother make a cake?

Yes we do/No we don’t

4.  (+) He studies English on Monday

(- ) He doesn’t study English on Monday

(?) Does he study English on Monday?

Yes, he does/No, he doesn’t

5.  (+) she washes the car on Sunday

(- ) She doesn’t wash the car on Sunday

(?) Does she wash the car on Sunday?

Yes, she does/No, she doesn’t

 Nominal sentence:

      (+) S+BE I+ (NOUN, ADJ , ADV)




1.   (+) they are students

(-) they are not students

(?) Are they students?

Yes, they are/No, they are not

2.  (+) she is beautiful

(-) she is not beautiful

(?) Is she beautiful?

Yes, she is/No, she isn’t

3. (+) He is diligent student

(-) He is not diligent student

(?) Is she diligent student?

Yes, he is/No, he isn’t

4. (+) my father is at home

(-) my father is not at home

(?) Is your father at home?

Yes, he is not/No, he isn’t

5. (+) they are doctor

(-) They are not doctor

(?) Are they doctor?

Yes, they are/No, they aren’t




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