Pengertian Past tense dalam bahasa inggris + Contoh verbal dan Nominal

21 Mar

1.2 Past tense

          Simple past tense is, to declare an act / event that happened in the past / make enormous time has passed and in the know.


Nominal sentence

        (+) S+BE II+ (WAS/WERE)

        (-) S+BE II+ NOT+ (WAS/WERE)

        (?) BE II+ S + (WAS/WERE)


1.     (+) I was very thirsty just now

        (-) I wasn’t very thirsty just now

        (?) Were you very thirsty just now?

                        Yes, I was/No, I wasn’t

2.     (+) I was hungry this morning

        (-) I wasn’t hungry this morning

        (?) Were you hungry this morning?

                        Yes, I was/No, I wasn’t

3      (+) she was a shy girl

        (-) she wasn’t a shy girl

        (?) Were she was a shy girl?

                        Yes, she was/No, she wasn’t

4      (+) they was in Australia

        (-) They wasn’t in Australia

        (+) Were they was in Australia?

                        Yes, they was/No, they wasn’t

5.     (+) Budi was a careless boy

        (-) Budi wasn’t a careless boy

        (?) Were budi was a careless boy?

                        Yes, he was/No, he wasn’t



Verbal Sentence

        (+) S+V II

        (-) S+DID NOT+V I

        (?) DID+S+V I


1.     (+) I cleaned my car on Monday

        (-) I did not clean my car on Monday

        (?) Did you clean your car on Monday?

                        Yes, I did/No, I didn’t

2.     (+) she played chess on Sunday

        (-) She did not play chess on Sunday

        (?) Did she play chess on Sunday?

                        Yes, she did/No, she didn’t

3.     (+) I cleaned my bathroom on Saturday

        (-) I did not clean my bathroom on Saturday

        (?) Did you clean your bathroom on Saturday?

                        Yes, I did/No, I didn’t

4.     (+) He played football on Friday

        (-) He did not play football on Friday

        (?) Did he play football on Friday?

                        Yes, he did/No, he didn’t

5.     (+) we cooked fried rice on Monday

        (-) We did not cook fried rice on Monday

        (?) Did we cook fried rice on Sunday?

                        Yes, we did,/No, we didn’t



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